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Instructions for Installing Door Glass into a Wood, Steel or Fiberglass Door

Materials needed:
  • drill with 1/4" drillbit
  • jigsaw
  • short jigsaw blade (allows cutting from both sides instead off sraight through)
  • 2 sawhorses or similar support system
  • gloves (for protection when handling glass)
  • safety glasses

Tip: In order to know if your door is a good candidate for replacement glass please verify the following conditions:

If your door has existing glass it must measure no more than 23 3/4 " wide overall on the frame and no more than 37 3/4" on height for a half-lite or no more than 65 3/4" on height for a full view lite.

If your existing door has panels, the outer profile of the panels must fit within the frame size of the glass size you want. 23 3/4" x 37 3/4" for a half-lite. 23 3/4" x 65 3/4" for a full-lite. 9 3/4" x 37 3/4" for a 2-lite door

If your existing door is a flush (flat with no design) door, then you can use any size glass lite.

1. Remove the door from it's hinges and place horizontally on a set of sawhorses. Determine where to cut the door so that all recesses and profiles are covered by the new frame. The frame will have 3/8" of coverage from the outside edge of the door frame to the hole size needed for the glass.

The hole size needed for a half-lite window will be 23" w x 37" h

The hole size needed for a full-lite window will be 23" w x 65" h

The hole size needed for a 2-lite window will be 2 ea 9" w x 37" h

The hole size needed for a half-lite sidelite will be 9" x 37"

The hole size needed for a full-lite sidelite will be 9" x 65"

2. Drill a hole in each corner of the cut you want to make using a 1/4" drill bit. This allows the jigsaw blade to start the cut and turn the corners easier.

3. Insert jigsaw blade into corner hole and start cutting along the line that is drawn on the unit from each corner or along the contour as shown below. Tip: Using a short jigsaw blade will allow you to cut one side and flip door to cut the other for a much easier job instead of both sides at once.

4. Remove cut section of door. Carefully insert the exterior section of frame, and glass that is siliconed to it, into the opening of the door. Center the frame in the opening making sure the frame covers the hole or profiles that are left on the door. Support the glass with the sawhorses.

5. Caution: Carefully flip door and make sure to support the glass and frame. Otherwise it will fall out and breakage could occur since it is not held in the door at this point. Another option is to make sure the exterior of the door is down and have a helper insert the glass from the bottom up into the opening and either hold it while the top frame is installed or support it with the sawhorses. (see below)

6. Insert top frame into the opening and align with pegs and screw stems. Make sure frame lays flat on the jamb.

7. Carefully screw top frame to the bottom. Make sure excess force is not used to tighten as the screws can strip if overtightened. A clutch drill works nice.

8. Once screws are all tightened, insert the plastic screw covers into the frame to hide the screw holes. These are shipped with the unit. Now your door is ready to install back into your opening.

If you have any questions or are if you are unsure that your door will work with our door glass system, please call 888.284.6917 or email us at for answers. We are happy to help.


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