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Instructions for Replacing Glass in an Accent Oval or Round Window

Materials needed:
  • putty knife
  • silicone
  • ¾” brads and brad gun
  • gloves (for protection when handling glass)
  • safety glasses

1. From the exterior, carefully push a thin putty knife between the frame and the glass stop.  This will cut the silicone seal and locate the brads that hold the stop in place.  These brads need to be broken by the putty knife.

2. Push the putty knife between the glass and the stop, breaking the silicone seal.  Remove the glass stop.

3. From the interior, push the putty knife between the frame and the glass, breaking the silicone seal.  Push on the glass to remove. 

4. Once the glass is removed, clean off the old silicone and the edges of the brads that held the stop in place.

5. Put a bead of silicone on the frame, (be sure the bead is continuous and heavy enough to spread out when the glass is installed), then put the glass in place.  Put a bead of silicone on the glass edge, (the edge where the stop will go against), then put the stop in place.  Secure the stop with brads.

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