Round & Octagon Windows

Custom Windows

 glass assembly

Take advantage of our in-house ability to create decorative door and fixed window glass to the size and shape you require. Allow us to incorporate your individual taste into a decorative window to add the perfect accent to your home. We welcome your creativity!

Design your own decorative glass

If you don't find what you are looking for you can send us a rough sketch of what you have in mind and we will create a CAD drawing of how we can build it. We can fax or email a copy to you. You can in turn fill in the areas that you want changed.

Signature Door has color sample units at some of our distributors for your convenience. If you are not satisfied with any of these stock colors , Signature Door can special order other colors from our suppliers in a 3-6 week time period. We can also special order custom bevels from our suppliers in a 4-6 week time period.

Most special orders take two weeks till they ship from the time the order is placed. This depends on what is changing in the unit,(bevels, special order glass, etc...) All other special changes can take place in house at Signature Door.


Caming options include brass, silver (zinc) or patina (black)


window drawing

It's This Easy...

  1. Choose a decorative glass style. 
  2. We will send you an 8 1/2" X 11" line art page. 
  3. Indicate which colors, patterns or caming option ( brass, patina or zinc) you want to substitute.