Round & Octagon Windows

Stationary Octagon Glass Replacement

Materials needed:
  • putty knife
  • silicone
  • rubber mallet
  • ¾” brads and brad gun or finishing nail
  • gloves (for protection when handling glass)
  • safety glasses
  1. From inside, use the putty knife to gently pry glass stops away from the frame, taking care not to damage the frame. Stops are held in place with silicone and brads. You will most likely break up the stops. Once you remove the old stops, exposed brads should be snipped off or gently hammered into frame. 
  2. From the exterior you will need to push on glass until it is released from silicone holding it in place.
  3. Before installing new glass into the frame, run a bead of silicone around the opening on the interior side of the frame stop.
  4. Replace with new glass into the opening and pressing glass into the silicone bead on the jamb stop. Caution: Take care not to push too hard on the glass if the glass is not tempered.
  5. Run a bead of silicone around interior perimeter of glass. Install new glass stop against the silicone bead on the glass.
  6. Secure the stop with brads or small finishing nail.
Note: If unit is not installed, you can then shoot brads from outside of frame into glass stop. If already installed, you will have to use brads or small finishing nails on the stop itself. You can then use wood filler to cover nail holes.