Round & Octagon Windows

Venting Octagon Glass and Sash Replacement

Materials needed:
  • pin punch
  • rubber mallet
  • gloves (for protection when handling glass)
  • safety glasses
  1. Using the pin punch and rubber mallet, carefully tap the hinge pins horizontally from the outer side towards the middle for each hinge. This will release the outer hinge leafs from the inner leafs. ( your replacement sash will have inner leafs already attached.)
  2. From the interior side of the unit, turn the crank so that the window is extended to its furthest point. You will be able to raise the window sash up and slide it free from its opener arm and slide guide.
  3. Replace the broken sash with the replacement sash by sliding the opener arm onto the sash slide guide of the replacement sash and lining up inner and outer hinge leafs to carefully reconnect them by tapping the hinge pins back into place.
  4. Turn the crank to close the sash and set the sash lock to ensure proper alignment was achieved.
  5. If you experience any issues or need help, please call 888.284.6917 for assistance.